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Aaron Pischke, MA in progress

Graduate Mental Health Intern

He/him pronouns




I believe that counseling can benefit anyone, at any stage of life. Counseling can help people develop tools to reach their goals, develop and maintain positive relationships, and feel more equipped to handle life’s many challenges. Helping clients achieve and maintain an optimal state of wellbeing is my ultimate goal.

My theoretical approach to counseling is grounded in humanistic and existential frameworks. This means that I practice and value therapeutic work with clients that prioritizes self-determination and meaning-making. I also strive to practice within a feminist and multicultural framework that prizes identity exploration and development, while staying acutely aware of the historical impact of systems of power and oppression on marginalized communities.


One of my greatest passions is advocacy, and in particular, advocating for individuals and families who find themselves struggling to gain access and support from healthcare and social service systems. My philosophy is that systems built to uplift and support community members should exist to serve every member of the community, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, immigration status, ability, size, and cognitive function. I have close to a decade of experience working as a patient advocate and navigating social service systems with clients. As a loved one of multiple individuals living with disabilities, a significant part of my personal and professional work focuses on dismantling ableist policies, procedures, and systems. As a Clinical Rehabilitative Counselor, my primary focus is working with individuals living with disability and/or chronic illness, as well as their loved ones. I also focus on exploring strategies for clients to have better access and experiences with relevant resources and services. In our time together, you can expect to be heard, affirmed, and respected.


I am currently a master’s student in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling and Mental Health Counseling at Portland State University. Major course work has included human development, diagnosis and treatment planning, legal and ethical issues in counseling, occupational analysis, career and lifestyle planning, group counseling, and understanding medical, psychological, and social aspects of disability. I have received additional training in grief and loss counseling. I am also a participant in ongoing trainings which focus on gender-affirming counseling.