Cameron Gilbert

Pronouns: He/Him



Hello! I'm the Office Coordinator; I hold a variety of roles within Brave Space, but in short, I connect the trans & nonbinary community with resources from affirming providers. You'll chat with me when you contact the front desk, interact with Brave Space on Facebook, reply to one of our Community Emails, or see Brave Space at a community event. When the office is open, I also manage the Clothing Collection and coordinate groups & events hosted in our space.  

Cultural/Educational Background

I grew up in South Florida, and then spent 8 years working on my Bachelor's degree in North Florida. Most of what I learned about accessibility, intersectionality, and social justice came from my personal and academic experiences in college. I graduated from Florida State University in 2018 with a major in Sociology, during which I focused on gender, sexuality, and family studies. I was an active member of Gender Odyssey FSU (the university's community group for trans & nonbinary students) for 6 years. I conducted research on the experiences of the university's trans & nonbinary community, served as Gender Odyssey FSU's first Treasurer, and received cultural competency training for working with the trans & nonbinary and broader LGBTQ+ communities. 


I'm transmasc, queer, neurodivergent, and multiracial. I love to get wrapped up in strategy games and cartoons like Steven Universe. When the city is open, you might catch me at board game nights, art festivals, or walking around the gardens. In general, I'm open about who I am and I value transparency, so feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, and/or memes.