Scheduling no-contact drop offs M-F 10-6. Please call/email to schedule. We will NOT accept unscheduled drop-offs.




Phone: 503-486-8936


3620 SE Powell Blvd #102, Portland, OR 97202​


Naomi's Organic Farm Supply

for donating funds to help us carry pet supplies!

We are temporarily closed to donations.

Brave Space is unable to accept donations at this time. Feel free to review our donation guidelines for future donations!

Our Free Store is postponed until further notice. Follow our Facebook event for details.

Donation Guidelines:

We are accepting 3 large grocery bags or 1 trash bag of clothing per donation. Clothing must be in good condition and have been recently washed in hot water, with dye- and fragrance-free detergent when possible so that clothes are accessible to people with skin sensitivitiesDonations will be accepted during SCHEDULED drop-off times; unscheduled donations will not be accepted.

We are quarantining donations for 2 weeks to ensure that they are safe for donation. 

We need: 

  • MEN'S casual/semi-casual clothing in all sizes

  • WOMEN'S casual/semi-casual clothing in sizes 3XL and up

  • NEW packages of underwear and socks in all sizes.

  • Durable shoes: sneakers, boots, casual flats, slippers (men's sizes 8 and down; women's sizes 9 and up)

  • Binders and breast forms

  • Gloves, leggings, warm hats

  • Belts

  • Make up and accessories

  • Personal care items: shampoo, soap, etc

  • Hand warmers (e.g. HotHands)

  • Pronoun Pins

  • Cat litter, cat and dog food (unopened bags please)

We will not accept:

  • Dress suits and other formal wear

  • WOMEN'S clothes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large

  • High heels

  • Used underwear

  • Children's clothing

  • Clothing with significant stains and/or tears

  • Custom events shirts (e.g. for races, birthdays, camp, staff)