Feel free to drop by Monday through Friday.

Monday: 9am - 7pm

Tuesday: 11am - 6pm

Wednesday: 9am - 7pm

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: 11am - 7pm*

*Closed every third Friday starting at 4:30pm

If you want to schedule a time to browse or donate outside of these hours, email


3620 SE Powell Blvd #102, Portland, OR 97202​


Naomi's Organic Farm Supply

for donating funds to help us carry cat & dog food!

Want new digs? Get new digs! 

Our clothing collection is free to all trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming folks, no matter if you're a client or not.  Even if you think you're not in dire need, please feel free to shop!  We have an area to try things on and bags for you to take home.

Looking to donate?

Here's what we are currently looking for (updated 2.26.20):​

  • Shoes in the following sizes:
    Feminine - 10 and up
    Masculine - 9 and down

  • Clothes in the following sizes:
    Masculine - XS, pants XL and up
    Feminine - XS


  • Binders

  • Packers & Breast forms

  • Lightweight jackets/raincoats

  • Skirts

  • Underwear (new)

  • Leggings & Tights

  • Belts

  • Make up

  • Jewelry & Accessories (e.g. wigs, handbags, umbrellas, etc)

  • Reusable grocery bags

Here's what we CANNOT accept (updated 2.26.20):​

  • Clothes in the following sizes:
    Masculine - Medium, XL shirts
    Feminine - Large, XL


  • Business & formal clothes

  • Heavy winter clothes

  • Clothes with (unintentional) significant stains & tears

  • Work shirts and event uniforms

  • Wired Bras

Please make sure all items are clean (with fragrance-free detergent if possible), in good condition, and (mostly) free of pet hair. We cannot accept more than 3 trash bags (or 6 paper grocery bags) of clothes per donation.

Thank you for your donation!