Cisgender folk building compassion, dedication, and action for our transgender loved ones

When we love a transgender person, we go through our own stages of growth. After the first coming out stages where we may wrestle to understand and show support, we can enter a “normal” phase.  This is the perfect time to dig in and do deeper work to understand how cisgender biases still impact our lives.


What: an advanced 8-week structured group to build skills and knowledge about our cisgender identities


Who: cisgender loved ones who already support transgender people, and want to do deeper personal work


When: Feb 3-May 12, 2018 Every other Saturday at 11:00 am

(please commit to the full group cycle)


Where: 5627 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland OR 97206


Cost: $20/session or $140 pre-pay


Register: kate@bravespacellc.com, 503.486.8936