Please note that Brave Space has a waitlist for counseling. We are accepting new clients for medical assessments for support letters regarding gender-affirming surgeries and hormone therapy.


Engaging in social services can take bravery. You may wonder if we know how to meet your needs, if you'll have to educate us, or if you will have to hide vital parts of yourself to get the care you need.  


Brave Space means that all of you is allowed to show up.  We know some things about what you may have been through, and what is still to come.  We understand how to treat you and your family with dignity and respect.


We provide experienced transgender-specific care for all adult life stages: career building, child-rearing, relationship life cycles, re-transition, aging and increased medical and social support needs, retirement and assisted care, and death and dying.

We practice from trauma-informed, race-informed, and disability-informed models of care and are critically aware of our own dynamics of bias, privilege, and marginalization.  We internally support our clinicians to continue personal work to expand our skillsets for being useful and present for a diverse community. We encourage your full expression of cultural self to be present in the room. We can help you get where you need to go.


Our value is to help families stay connected and resilient.  We understand how gender identity can bring up lots of thoughts, feelings, and dynamics for families as they work through the changing nature of their relationships.


If you are a parent or family member of a transgender person, we understand that you have a process, too.  We welcome you to our community of others who have your experience.


If you are a transgender parent, we are here for you and your family.  We understand how gender and parenting interact, and can support your family's process.




However you found Brave Space, consider yourself at home.   We want to get to know you, and celebrate who you are.  When you walk into Brave Space, you will be treated with respect and dignity, and will find people who stand on your side.  You will find people who have fun, and can help advocate for your needs.


We know a lot about the types of things you might face: in your family, in your school, in your work, in your friendships, in your relationships, inside of yourself.  Many times, we'll ask the question before you even have to tell us.


We can help you get where you need to go, and can be a useful guide along the way.


Assessment for Medical Care


If and when clients (and families/partners) are ready, we can help you pursue medical care related to gender identity.  We practice a "facilitated progress" model, which includes screening for various elements of life that impact decision-making and can be impacted by medical care, and work with clients and support people to find the best timing and options for you, select the best provider based on your needs, and help you prepare for how the procedure impacts various parts of your life. 


We have collectively conducted over 300 assessments, and constantly work to improve our understanding of the procedures, insurance dynamics, provider experiences, complications, and alternatives available to you so that we may be of use to you as you move forward.


Assessments can sometimes be stand-alone experiences, or can be conducted during the course of therapy or over some follow-up sessions.  When working with youth, we value sharing information with guardians or caregivers whenever possible, to help families feel supported through this sometimes challenging process. Our time together will result in a treatment recommendation, which sometimes is an immediate referral to a medical provider, and sometimes includes counseling, family involvement, completing other goals, or more planning prior to or concurrently with a referral.  In rare circumstances, we may decide together that medical care is not appropriate at this time, and we will help plan for alternative ways to meet your needs.


Note that in order to use insurance, we are required to provide your insurance company with a letter that includes a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.  This diagnosis does not fit everyone's experience, and we are happy to discuss how to navigate these requirements while honoring your experience and identity.