These are Brave Space's current community projects. Interested in partnering with Brave Space? Please contact Cameron to discuss your idea - click here for Cameron's information. Want to support our work? Please consider donating - click here to learn more.

Clothing Collection

TEMPORARILY CLOSED - We are in the process of reopening the Clothing Collection. Please visit the Clothing Collection page here for more information!

The Clothing Collection is a free collection of clothes, accessories, cosmetics, hygiene items, and pet supplies (cat food, dog food, litter) offered to the trans & nonbinary community. This collection is supplied entirely by donations and organized by Brave Space. Anyone in the trans & nonbinary community can access the Clothing Collection.

Trans Houseless Community Brunch

ON HIATUS - Each month, Brave Space assembles clothes from our Clothing Collection to donate to the Trans Houseless Community Brunch, organized by the PDX Trans Housing Coalition and Greater Portland Trans Unity. We provide clothes for every size we have available, as well as shoes and accessories (including binders). Most recently, we were able to offer new underwear and socks, pronoun pins, and hand sanitizer. If you would like to help us continue to offer these items, please consider donating funds or contact Cameron to donate new, unopened items.

Link to monthly Facebook event

Transgender Health Workgroup with HealthShare of Oregon

Brave Space represents and advocates for Medicaid funded transgender and non-binary healthcare through our work with HealthShare Of Oregon's Transgender Health Workgroup.  This group advises the HealthShare Clinical Advisory Board. Our primary initiatives at this time are streamlining and creating equity of services amongst the tri-county's medical health plans; building operational systems for easier workflow for members, providers, and insurers; and increasing the contracting the the medical health plans of trans-qualified health professionals.


Have important feedback about care within HealthShare?  Contact Kate Kauffman

Organizational Consultation: Create your Brave Space

Brave Space provides organizational consultation and leadership development for professionals. Brave Space can help you develop "Emergent Strategy" informed organizational cultures [credit: adrienne maree brown]; build teams that support non-dominant clinicians and develop practices for "healing at work"; build infrastructure to pursue a COA with OHA for mental health agencies; assess and audit internal policies, practices, and paperwork for OHP compliance; navigate insurance contracting; and train staff in gender-informed care.


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