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Check out these groups offered by organizations in Oregon, intended for trans & nonbinary youth! Please note that these groups are not hosted by Brave Space; you can learn more information about each group by clicking "Click here for details" and visiting the organizations' websites, calling, or emailing. 


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FAMILY AND YOUTH SUPPORT GROUPS: Support groups for transgender, gender expansive, queer, and non-binary children and youth, and adult family members.

Programs by TransActive Gender Project

Bravery Trans.png

TRANS SUPPORT GROUP: All-ages group for safe space, socializing, and support.

Group by Bravery Center

Transponder Support Group.png

TRANS COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUP: A monthly gathering for trans/non-binary identified and questioning folks to socialize, share resources, and provide support surrounding the achievements and challenges we encounter from living the shared experience of being gender diverse. Ages 16+

Group by Transponder

Teen banner.png

TRANS & NON-BINARY TEEN SUPPORT GROUP: Youth support group for gender-expansive folks; Ages 14-17, registration required

Group by Kaden Winterkorn

Holding Space for Black and Brown Youth.

HOLDING SPACE FOR BLACK AND BROWN YOUTH:​ A Safe Space for BIPOC Girls, Young Trans and Non-Binary Femmes to Engage in Collective Healing and Radical Self-Care. AGES 7- 17


Group by Black Girl Rise​


QJYPortland:​ A Jewish or Jew-ish group for youth ages 14 through 17, who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, allies, or anywhere on the spectrum of gender creativity.


Group by Jewish Family and Child Service

Transponder Book Club.png

TRANSPONDER BOOK CLUB: Every Tuesday we chat about what books we’re excited about, have picture book story hours, and/or discuss local trans artists. On the last Tuesday of the month we discuss our book of month, but reading the book club recommendation is not required. Our book club is also open to allies of all ages.

Group by Transponder

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LET'S GET IT DONE: A group for trans people seeking to change their legal name who desire community support with logistics, accountability, fundraising, and ritual.

Group by Kamryn Wolf and Loa Beckenstein

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