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Helix Holman,  MA in progress

Graduate Mental Health Intern

He/him pronouns




I am Marriage Couples Family graduate intern who specializes in balancing personal growth within current societal systems, while working to dismantle the idea and practice of otherness and judgment; this has included work within our queer, BDSM, kink, polyamory and non-monogamous communities and a focus on gender and sexuality.  I practice within the framework of existential- humanistic and existential -integrative theories. My goal in the therapy room, first and foremost, is to hold space for individuals without judgment. This space allows us to collaborate, build narratives that fit you individually, and move forward from a place of more love and less fear. Together, we’ll work to find resources, harm reduction techniques, new narratives that suit your healing process/es and fulfilling support inside and out of the therapy room. I believe it is important to work with individuals as a whole; this means taking into account your personal experience, your navigation through systems of oppression, and specific societal pressures or ideals, that effect how you heal. While focusing on those practices that resonate with your personal history, community and needs, we will create a space for healing that supports you outside of the therapy room, helping you heal and navigate systematic, relational and personal traumas in life.


I hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Portland State University and am in progress of a Master’s of arts degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy from Lewis and Clark College. I have been working in community and residential mental health for the past 7 years and have become well versed in navigating difficult systems.  Between my work and scholastic training I have come to adopt and practice philosophies and skills such as motivational interviewing, harm reduction, crisis communication.  I am currently on the sex therapy tract at Lewis and Clark, adding to my knowledge of gender, sexuality, and how we as people interact with and navigate through those social constructs.