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Brave Space, LLC creates community and facilitates access to knowledgeable and expert providers for transgender and non-binary children, youth, adults, and their families.  As our commitment to our BIPOC staff, Brave Space’s priority for this hiring round is hiring a trans/non-binary supervisor of color (TGNB, BIPOC) who can help influence mid-management level support and decision-making. This position is 4-8 hours/week, and is ideal for people with private practices or other jobs who want to re-engage in the justice work of supporting non-dominant clinicians. 


Brave Space recognizes that cultivating workplace culture that supports, heals, and embraces non-dominant clinicians requires that our supervisors and managers intimately know the experience of working within our own community.  We are at the point where we need invested and powerful colleagues who live and work from a racially non-dominant lens, who want to be a part of building a Brave Space that is life giving and sustainable at the intersections of race and gender. Brave Space eagerly anticipates your feedback and scrutiny, and we will practice the art of proving it through daily acts that our culture, policies, practices, and values are open for revision, with the shared value of truly creating a space that sustains the health BIPOC staff and clients.

Email a cover letter and resume to 
Alternative: Fax your cover letter/resume to Brave Space, 503-894-6020.
To be considered for this position you must follow this application procedure.



Please note: Active clients of Brave Space or affiliated providers may not begin an employment relationship with Brave Space. By accepting a position with Brave Space, applicants become ineligible for clinical services during their service and after their position ends, until all chances of collegial or personal relationships that may impact the person’s counseling have been removed due to employee turnover.