Brave Space is hiring a licensed or unlicensed mental health provider! Why would you want to work at Brave Space? Consider how many agencies have statements about their social justice values, and their commitment to workplace equity. Most clinicians hear this with a level of distrust, appropriately earned through watching large systems struggle to change.

Brave Space is different. We don't expect you to believe us from this writing; we expect to prove it to you. We will prove that we treat staff who experience their OWN marginalization, oppression, disability, and trauma in the same way we treat ourselves and our clients. We practice fierce authenticity, honesty, accountability, compassion, curiosity, wisdom, and mistake-making.  We value connection and relationship as much, if not more so, as productivity. We practice Team Care as much as Self Care, and believe in sustainable work.  We would like to support you having a sustainable and healing work experience.  Our first effort at proving this is in our HR interview, where you can see what we're like.


Ideal applicants will have at least 2 years experience in community mental health, crisis support, homelessness resources, race-related care, autism, and/or disability. All applicants must have at least 1 year experience working with TG/NB people and/or have deep personal experience in this community. Applicants who have personal experience of gender diversity, disability, are people of color, or who hold other marginalized identities are especially encouraged to apply.

Download the job description above. Full package of benefits.   


To apply, email cover letter and resume to, or fax to 503-894-6020.

Please note: Active clients of Brave Space or affiliated providers may not begin an employment relationship with Brave Space. By accepting a position with Brave Space, applicants become ineligible for clinical services during their service and after their position ends, until all chances of collegial or personal relationships that may impact the person’s counseling have been removed due to employee turnover.