Brave Space is thrilled to partner with Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Alliance for Suicide Prevention to fund two meaningful online community groups that build connection, address individual and collective trauma, increase dignity, and reduce the risk of isolation and suicide in our most marginalized communities. One group is for BIPOC queer and transgender people; the other is for trans-feminine and AMAB non-binary people.  Because these groups are by-and-for marginalized community, Brave Space is committed to partnering with facilitators who identify within the group’s focus community.


Brave Space is committed to partnering 1-2 group facilitators who can hold space, build skill, and increase connection amongst group attendees. The facilitators should have personal and/or professional knowledge about the impacts of trauma on both the personal and collective levels, and have the skill for building healing, connection, and dignity. 

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Kate Kauffman at, or fax to 503-894-6020.

Note: Active clients of Brave Space or affiliated providers may not begin a staff relationship with Brave Space. By accepting a position with Brave Space, applicants become ineligible for clinical services during their service and after their position ends, until all chances of collegial or personal relationships that may impact the person’s counseling have been removed due to employee turnover.