This provider does not offer counseling services. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a medical assessment/letter of support, please contact the front desk at 503.486.8936


Kate (Katherine) Kauffman, LPC

They/them pronouns


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has specialized in working with transgender and non-binary people, young and old, and their families, for 7 years.  I have worked as a therapist for 10 years.  I work from an anti-oppression and trauma-informed framework and welcome dialogue about cultural and identity dynamics, both yours and my own, that can show up in our relationship.  I believe that change involves personal, familial, community, and system participation, and I am dedicated to helping change happen in all of these areas.  I am committed to personal privilege and oppression work, so that the risk of harm to you in the therapeutic relationship is minimized.  I highly value your feedback and pushback in our work, and I strive to know when I make mistakes and take accountability, even before you have to tell me to do so.

I provide assessments for medical care from a "facilitated progress" model.  As I have wrestled with the gatekeepy and mandatory nature of having to see a mental health provider before medical care, I have found that my greatest asset is being USEFUL to you as you prepare for medical care. I know many medical providers in town personally, know their wait times, and am familiar with the dynamics of each medical process. I know what it can be like for people psychologically, emotionally, financially, and experientially to go through medical process. I know how to connect you to resources for safe housing, logistical support, and other resources that can increase your successful outcomes.  During our appointment, we will review the information necessary to include in a letter for it to be authorized by insurance. You can provide as much or as little information to me as you wish, and do NOT have to worry about providing the "right" story or details.  We will discuss some of the areas of life that can complicate or be complicated by medical care, and we will come up with a plan for how, when, and where to help you with your process.  I will provide support for parts of life that you are concerned may complicate your care. After the appointment, I will send your letter to the providers of your choice, and help facilitate the initiation of your care.