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Leslie Yeargers, LMFT Associate

She/her pronouns


In today's climate, it is enormously challenging being something other than what society says you're "supposed" to be. This is especially true if you identify as (or even think you might be) transgender, non-binary, genderqueer or LGB. Relating authentically to friends, family and co-workers presents unique emotional challenges and often safety concerns. For family members, feelings of grief, confusion, fear, awkwardness, and intense curiosity can seem overwhelming. Counseling can help with the emotional challenges of living as your authentic self. It can help family members examine the nature and sources of their feelings regarding their LGBTQIA loved ones, leading to greater understanding and connection for all.


In my practice, I draw from family systems, narrative, emotion-focused, and social justice theories to help clients understand their experience and build a strong sense of identity. I assume a model of accountability in my own growth and take seriously my role as a person of privilege to advance equality and justice for everyone in our society.


As a heterosexual, cisgender parent of a transgender person, I appreciate first-hand the difficulties you and family members face when up against barriers that threaten your well being or the well being of your family members. I want you to know that you are not alone in your sexual and/or identity exploration. As a family systems counselor, I want to help you and your family live authentically and courageously with love and support.