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Brave Space is very sorry to announce that we are closing our Microgrant for the time being. 

We have received an unusually high degree of spam entries to the Microgrant. We are very committed to our value of equity based selection of grant awardees, and want to ensure that our most impacted trans/nonbinary community receive funding.
We worked diligently for several months to try to sort out the duplicate entries, entries from people who were clearly not part of our community, and bots. However, this sorting relied on subjective evaluation, and couldn't honor the spirit of our fair and equitable selection process.

Therefore, we are very sad to say that we must pause offering the grant to the community while we determine a better system for submissions, and consider whether the business has the resources to continue the Microgrant.
We know this has serious impact on our community, and removes one of the few financial resources that has minimal barriers for applying.  We will keep the Microgrant on our radar for future needs, and will keep our website updated if/when it reopens.

A few other resources you could try:

Black and Beyond the Binary Housing Safety Fund
Trans Equality Mutual Aid Resources

Gender Sexuality Info Resources
Trans Lifeline Microgrants


Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Order of Benevolent Bliss

for donating $2,500 to support the Microgrant Fund!

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