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Get the latest information on what's happening with Gender-affirming Surgeries in Oregon during COVID.


Learn how Oregon Health Plan manages your insurance through the use of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) and Health Plans, and your access to medical and mental health providers.

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How do I know what Health Plan I have?  

Your card should look something like this. Check the "Medical Health Plan" area of your card. Any provider can also check your type for you.

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Oregon Health Plan uses other companies called "Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) " to manage your insurance benefits.  In Portland Metro, HealthShare of Oregon manages these funds. They delegate the medical health management to 5 health plans, and 1 manages mental health benefits. In other counties, there is often just 1 for each type of benefit.

Providers need to contract with each of these health plans in order to be able to bill it. Be careful if a provider says "I take OHP"...ask them, "what types? Do you take my health plan?"

The following guides will help you know what providers take your health plan. **NOTE: this is an evolving situation. From Jan 2020 til now, the health plans are working to expand their network.  Call a provider's office to make sure this information is correct.

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