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PLEASE NOTE: Our office is closed to the public until further notice. We do not have rentable space at this time.

Brave Space would love to host your community-building efforts by supplying affordable, accessible, and welcoming space for your community to gather.  We prioritize groups and organizations that serve and/or are run by transgender and non-binary people, and give special preference to people of color, people experiencing disability or economic disadvantage, youth, immigrants, and people with medical or mental health challenges.  


Brave Space offers the following amenities:

  • One12'x14' group room with circle seating up to 10, table seating up to 8, and standing room for 10. 

  • Additional 14'x15' room available during non-clinical hours

  • Kitchenette with dishes, water, coffee maker, microwave, and dishwasher

  • LCD projector and screen with A/V capacity for Mac/PC

  • Free Wifi

  • 4 3' folding tables and seating

  • ADA/ground floor accessible features throughout building, including bathroom.

Interested parties should review the contract above, and contact Cameron at or 503-486-8936 to reserve the space.  Reservations will not be final until a non-refundable 25% deposit has been received.

Download space, pricing, and application information above.

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