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Brave Space Resource List

The Brave Space Resource List is a list of gender-affirming service providers and organizations in and around Oregon. Most resources have been recommended to Brave Space, LLC by folks within the trans & nonbinary community. 

Watch This Video for tips on searching our Database!

Click on the links below to find resources for specific needs.

Mental Health Metro: Therapists and Social Workers, Letter Writers

Psychological and Psychiatric Health: Psychologists, Prescribers, Psych testing

Physical Health Metro: Doctors, Naturopaths, Endocrinologists, Surgeons, Massage, Yoga,

BIPOC/QT Specific Resources: Any of the other resources we have rendered by a self-identified BIPOC person

Washington Resources: Any resources located in Washington 

Rural Oregon Resources: Any resources located in Oregon outside of the Metro area

Hair/Voice Resources: Electrologists, Hair Styling, Voice coaching, Voice surgeons, Wigs

Assistance/Supplies Resources: Clothing closets, Food resources, Transportation, Cosmetics, Binder/packers,

Advocacy/Support: Crisis Lines, Support Groups, Health Advocates, Peer Support

Legal Aid: Transgender justice, Name Changes, Disability law, DV/IPV support, Immigration law

Shelters/Housing Resources: Housing support, Safe houses, Emergency housing, DV shelters, Recuperative care,

Substance Use/Gambling Resources: Treatment programs, Support Groups, Call lines, Detox

National/Online Resources

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