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Ryan Loiselle, LPC

They/them, he/him pronouns


Philosophy and Approach:

I identify as a queer, gender questioning person. I am starting to use they/them more often as I explore a non-binary identity for myself. I’m white and I’m educated. ‘Queer’ for me has become a nuanced psycho/social/spiritual framework that captures my sexual identity, my own gender non-conformity, socio-political views which include activism, and my spiritual beliefs. It continues to be the way by which I make the most meaning of myself as I move through the world and my varying intersections of identity. It is both expansive enough to capture many of my most salient parts while being narrow enough that I can feel myself in it. I have and continue count trans and queer folks as some of my closest friends, partners, and colleagues and I maintain a heartfelt connection to and am still deeply aligned with, gay men who are always welcome in my practice.

To be in context, is to find oneself socially located and affirmed in the present in a way that can only be done through a relational framework. Our unfolding life is informed by past experience including those struggles which continue to impact us and those which we have overcome. The journey is directed by our intentions, hope and our ability to respond rather than react to what is emerging for us.


By integrating the past, achieving more security in one's identity(s), and being internally and externally resourced in the present, a person can move forward with a renewed agency, live more freely and experience greater authenticity. They can become willing and able to engage in new and vital life experiences, which can then inform new identity exploration and self-acceptance.


I work with my clients to help them integrate and become clear on those identities and intersectionalities that are most empowering while affirming and resourcing those in which they are most marginalized so that they can move with more certainty towards that which they are becoming. It is through a highly relational and collaborative therapeutic process, located within an existential and gestalt framework, that I assist my clients to move through through adversity and journey towards a space of greater authenticity and freedom. This new space and emerging location can be realized as contextually different from the previously felt sense of restriction which has been formed in response to external (systemic oppression) and internalized (self) invalidation.

Education and Training:

In 2015, while attending Lewis & Clark, I was offered an internship at TransActive Gender Center where I worked solely with trans, non-binary, and questioning children, adolescents, and their families. My heart was opened up the unique developmental challenges that young people have as they try to locate themselves in their gender in an all-to-often uncertain and invalidating world. I also saw how important it was to support parents and families to gain insight and competency in being able to meet their children where they are and really affirm their experience. As a result, I converted that internship into my private practice in 2016. Over the following 1 1/2 years, I was also working primarily with adult transgender and queer-identified clients in community mental health. Many of my trans clients were struggling through their transition, while others were wanting to work on other mental health concerns now that their gender felt more secure. In October of 2017, I left community mental health and expanded my private practice here at In Context. I currently see individuals, couples and families (child, adolescent, and adult) and that work is always informed by my life of personal exploration and identity formation, my overcoming, my formalized clinical background, and my social justice and advocacy work. I'm now also training and providing clinical consultation for those who are also looking to provide gender affirming care to the communities we know and love.