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What can Brave Space’s organizational consultation do for you?

Kate Kauffman, LPC (they/them) can help you create or expand your for-benefit or for-profit company, non-profit, or group practice. They prioritize consulting with people who live at the margins of dominant culture who want to create workplaces that center the marginal and deepen equity efforts. They specialize in consulting with organizations that are by and for transgender/non-binary people and people of color; social services and mental health organizations; Oregon Health Authority contracting; and Medicaid insurance contracting.

Being a mental health therapist and business owner blends two of Kate’s top skills: the art of supporting marginalized humans, and cultivating organizational culture. Their commitment to human health and non-dominant cultural practice allows them to build workplaces that both strategically function within an oppressive system, and also embody trauma-informed practice to enable workers to heal from workplace traumas.  

Creating Brave Space has privileged Kate with social capital, knowledge of systems, internal resources, and the keys to organizational resilience. Kate serves Brave Space’s equity and justice values by sharing this privilege and helping non-dominant people and organizations increase their impact. By contracting with Brave Space, you receive the benefits of these resources. Kate will work hard with you for your goals and vision, and share what they can. Benefits to you can include:

  • Strategic planning and preparation to launch your vision

  • Leader mentorship: embodying practices that liberate workers

  • Easing entry into business or non-profit creation through easy step-by-step guides, sharing of contacts, social capital, and resources

  • Trauma-informed, liberation-based Policy & Procedure creation, editing, and review

  • Crafting of workplace culture, traditions, processes, and expectations that embody your values and adhere to systemic law and ethics

  • Creating internal documents, such as Employee Handbooks, Policies & Procedures, and HR documentation

  • Oregon Health Authority contracting support for mental health organizations

  • Worker recruitment, support, retention, and conflict resolution

  • Financial health—building systems that balance your vision and necessities


Brave Space is undergoing some significant internal growth during 2022. We are committing to deepening our antiracism and decolonization of our culture in order to feel greater liberation from constructs that restrict us, and we are developing new partnerships and projects that improve the service to our BIPOC trans/nonbinary community.

Because of this, we are postponing our menu of trainings for 2022.

We recommend the following community partners for trainings in Transgender Care:

TransActive Gender Project:;

Stace Parlen, LMFT:

Bridge 13:

Black Lily Consulting:

Brilliancy Counseling:

Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette: 

OHSU Trans Health Program:

Legacy Gender and Sexual Health Program: 

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