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The Ubuntu Healing Project (UHP) is a new culturally specific healing program for Black - African  queer/transgender youth and adults that bridges indigenous, cultural, and gender-affirming healing practices with western mental and physical health, and provides a workplace centered at the intersection of race and gender. The Project is a collaborative partnership between Black & Beyond the Binary Collective, Brave Space, LLC, and Full Flight Wellness, LLC.


The Project is committed to building a professional community that supports Black – African queer/transgender professionals, and includes 1 clinical supervisor, 1 mental health therapist (QMHP), and 1 community health worker (CHW). Further, the Project will build a pool of guest practitioners who offer indigenous healing from an African-centered lens, which may include acupuncture, reiki, spiritual ritual, community healing groups, massage, or naturopathy; physical health care services; and gender-related services.

Applications may be accepted from now until 8/31/22.

UHP seeks to contract one Mental Health Therapist (QMHP) and one Community Health Worker to join our partnership! Click the links above to learn more.


UHP cultivates and supports providers in building sustainable careers centered in radical healing.  We offer providers experiences built to help heal from past workplace traumas and recenter on marginal and non-dominant forms of wisdom:

  • Black – African queer/transgender centered colleague and client community

  • Paid Community Health Worker Certification training

  • Culturally embedded supervision

  • Colleague meetings and gatherings built to increase connection and healing at work

  • Grant funded work to reduce the stigma and requirements of working under insurance

  • Support in setting professional boundaries and recalibrating to a sustainable work experience

  • Mentorship to help professionals build and manage a private practice

  • Free office space

  • Office reception, client attraction, and scheduling

Application Process

We are seeking vibrant and experienced professionals to join our collaboration. We currently seek one mental health therapist, and one community health worker (CHW) to join our team. If needed, the UHP will assist these providers in establishing their own private practice and/or business through which they will provide services to clients of the UHP. THIS IS NOT AN EMPLOYMENT POSITION.

You may apply by clicking the "Apply here" button above. You can write your answers in the form, or record an audio or video clip of yourself answering these questions.

If you wish to apply in written form: Each answer can generally be 500-1000 words or less. This is a loose estimation--we do not have formal requirements for length. We recommend copying the questions into a word document, writing your answers, then copying those answers back into the application.

If you wish to apply using an audio or video submission: please record yourself answering the following questions. Your recording should be 10 minutes in duration or less. The file size should be under 1GB. Please upload the recording by clicking the "Apply Here" button above, and attaching the file at the end of the application.


The UHP will screen all applications using the following rubric:

1. Credentials for the position
2. Experience with black-African transgender/nonbinary community, especially those with complex experiences
3. Personal identity saliency
4. Alignment of your vision with the UHP's goals

In the coming weeks, the UHP will screen all applicants and select a group to proceed to the next step in the application process.

The next steps in the review process will include:
1. An interview with a group of UHP partners
2. A one-on-one interview with the clinical supervisor
3. UHP reviews all data, makes a selection, and offers a contract

If you have further questions, please contact Kate Kauffman at or 503-389-5801.