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The Ubuntu Healing Project (UHP) is a new culturally specific healing program for Black - African  queer/transgender youth and adults that bridges indigenous, cultural, and gender-affirming healing practices with western mental and physical health, and provides a workplace centered at the intersection of race and gender. The Project is a collaborative partnership between Black & Beyond the Binary Collective, Brave Space, LLC, and Second Fruit Wellness Services, LLC.


The Project is committed to building a professional community that supports Black – African queer/transgender professionals, and includes 1 clinical supervisor, 1 mental health therapist (QMHP), and 1 community health worker (CHW). Further, the Project will build a pool of guest practitioners who offer indigenous healing from an African-centered lens, which may include acupuncture, reiki, spiritual ritual, community healing groups, massage, or naturopathy; physical health care services; and gender-related services.


UHP seeks to contract one Mental Health Therapist (QMHP) and one Community Health Worker to join our Collective! Click the links to learn more.




UHP cultivates and supports providers in building sustainable careers centered in radical healing.  We offer providers experiences built to help heal from past workplace traumas and recenter on marginal and non-dominant forms of wisdom:

  • Black – African queer/transgender centered colleague and client community

  • Paid Community Health Worker Certification training

  • Culturally embedded supervision

  • Colleague meetings and gatherings built to increase connection and healing at work

  • Grant funded work to reduce the stigma and requirements of working under insurance

  • Support in setting professional boundaries and recalibrating to a sustainable work experience

  • Mentorship to help professionals build and manage a private practice

  • Free office space

  • Office reception, client attraction, and scheduling