Interested in volunteering? Here are some things you’ll need to do to carry out the tasks for the Free Store:

  • Be vaccinated - For the safety of our community and staff, volunteers need to have completed vaccination and be 2 weeks post your last vaccine. All Brave Space staff have been fully vaccinated.

  • Work independently - You will be expected to work unsupervised in some settings.

  • Walk, reach, and bend - You will need to walk, reach above your head, and bend over (e.g. to pick up items) in all settings.

  • Lift up to 40 pounds, with or without assistance

  • Maintain attention to detail and organization

  • Wear a mask when sharing a space with another person

  • Use hand sanitizer and/or wear gloves

  • Safely and respectfully interact with others who may hold different identities and experiences than you - This includes the ability to regularly use and practice culturally sensitive and affirming language (e.g. language that avoids assumptions about gender, race, ethnicity, ability status, housing status, etc.)


Here are some additional things that would be helpful to our organization and community, but are NOT required to carry out the tasks of the Free Store. If you’d like to offer these services, please let us know!

  • Ability to transport items between Portland and surrounding areas

  • Ability to communicate in a language other than English (e.g. American Sign Language, Spanish)

  • Ability to identify and connect with local communities & organizations (other than Goodwill and Salvation Army) to redistribute donated items that Brave Space is not accepting


Ready to apply or learn more? 


Please send an email to Cameron Gilbert at ,indicating your interest in the Free Store Assistant volunteer position. No resume or experience is required - just a straight-forward email!


Please note: Active clients of Brave Space or affiliated providers may not begin a professional relationship with Brave Space. By accepting a position with Brave Space, applicants become ineligible for clinical services during their service and after their position ends, until all chances of collegial or personal relationships that may impact the person’s counseling have been removed due to employee turnover. Your name will be shared with our team to identify potential dual relationship concerns; you can find a list of our staff members here.


The Resiliency Project is building a team of Free Store Assistants (learn more about the Free Store here). We would like helpers to attend each Free Store event, and helpers to organize donations. Feel free to apply to this position if you’re interested in helping with one or both roles needed to run the Free Store events.

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