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Brave Space LLC has recently secured a new owner for the business:  Sam Skye, CEO of Full Spectrum Therapy, LLC! All current staff, clients, and programming will be absorbed into Full Spectrum as a renewal of and addition to their current programming. The official date of closing Brave Space and shifting services to Full Spectrum is 6/1/23. 


How do I access services at Full Spectrum Therapy?

Please contact Full Spectrum directly to inquire about their services:



About Full Spectrum Therapy:

Full Spectrum has been a close partner of Brave Space for many years, and I am delighted that our agreement serves both of our organizations in positive ways. While the name of Brave Space will change, I firmly believe the ethos, philosophy, and values will continue on at Full Spectrum Therapy. Sam will retain ownership of the Brave Space name, logo, and reputation, and there may be future endeavors under that name.


Full Spectrum has been a proven and dependable provider of LGBTQAI2S+ mental health since 2017, and already serves Medicaid insured transgender and nonbinary children, youth, and adults and their loved ones. They also have a long track record of assessment and referral for medical care. We are excited to see how Full Spectrum will continue and expand what Brave Space began.


What happens to the Brave Space website and resources?

Full Spectrum will own the Brave Space website, and all associated resources that our community has come to depend on, including the Brave Space Resource List. They plan to keep these resources active. Please check both websites,, and, for updates on where the resources will be located for future use.


How can I access my past health records from Brave Space?

The Brave Space health records created from 2016-5/31/23 will be retained and managed by Kate Kauffman. These records will no longer be able to be updated, including letters for medical care. If clients need updated letters, they can email  They will be given their past letter and referrals to therapists who can write new letters.

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