Brave Space is thrilled to announce that we will be moving into a larger, brand new, and more accessible office on SE 36th and Powell Blvd at the end of 2018!  We are currently seeking colleagues who want to bring their private practice to our space, and join us in the effort to create a symbiotic service hub and community space for transgender and non-binary people.  We would especially like to welcome providers who share identity experiences with the communities we serve.

Our community has given us feedback about their needs, and we would LOVE to welcome the following specialists:

  • Primary care providers specializing in hormone therapy

  • Prescription management providers

  • Electrologists

  • Mental health providers with a contract with OpenCard and/or HealthShare

  • Providers offering culturally specific services (ethnicity, ability, language, immigration status, etc)

  • Voice coaches

  • Group facilitators

  • Employment/career coaches

Please download the above items for details about the contract and logistics.  To apply, please email!