Since the inception of the Brave Space Scholarship Fund in 2016, Brave Space has given over $15,000 in funds to transgender and non-binary people for services and goods that are not covered by insurance, and are critical to people’s well-being and health.

Brave Space is proud to fund facial electrolysis, rent assistance during surgery recovery, legal name and gender change fees, prescription fees during insurance lapses, binders and other accessories, support group fees, camp fees, counseling sessions for providers who can’t take insurance, and holiday gifts for homeless youth. 

I invest in this project because it literally saves lives.  Awardees have expressed over and over how this funding, more than anything else, has given them hope, a chance to walk through the streets more safely, keep their housing and job while going through medical procedures, and envision a future that more aligns with their understanding of self.

I ask you to join me in funding social justice.  This is an opportunity for you who have the privilege to actively invest in social change, and directly impact the lives of our beloved community.

Brave Space needs committed monthly donors who can give $20, $50, $100, or any amount each month to keep the scholarship alive.  We have seen an upsurge in requests for funds, and can’t meet the demand without you.

Because Brave Space is a for-benefit company (for-profit plus heart), donations cannot be deducted from taxes. I ask you to invest because it is RIGHT, and join us in making significant change in healthcare.