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Check out these Facebook groups offered by community members and organizations! You can learn more information about each group by clicking "Click here for details" and visiting the organizations' websites, calling, or emailing. 


Transgender Oregon Network.png

TRANSGENDER OREGON NETWORK: A private Facebook group for "all kinds of transgender people, broadly defined. This is a space for trans people of all kinds to express themselves"

Portland Transgender Community.png

PORTLAND TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY: A private Facebook group the trans & nonbinary community in and around Portland, OR.

Queer and Trans Mutual Aid.png

QUEER AND TRANS MUTUAL AID: Private Facebook group for sharing or requesting help that isn't money-based, e.g. "ride share, food sharing, clothing sharing, care taking help, mental health help, help with cleaning/yard work", etc.

FB Disability Justice.png

PDX DISABILITY JUSTICE COLLECTIVE: A study and practice group for disabled people in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA who want to learn more about and practice Disability Justice and mutual aid

PDX Queer & Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).png

PDX QUEER & TRANS BLACK, INDIGENOUS, AND PEOPLE OF COLOR (BIPOC): A private Facebook group for the LGBTQ+ BIPOC community to "share resources and opportunities, make connections, and engage in principled struggle as needed."

PDX Nonbinary Collective.png

PDX NONBINARY COLLECTIVE: A private Facebook group for the nonbinary community in and around Portland

Portland Area Transgender and Queer Safer Housing.png

PORTLAND AREA TRANSGENDER AND QUEER SAFER HOUSING: A private Facebook group for the LGBTQ+ community to find and offer safe places to couchsurf, rent, find roommates, and share resources.

ASL Friends.png

ASL FRIENDS LGBTQIA+ INCLUSIVE: Trans & Queer inclusive Facebook group for people learning and practicing ASL

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