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These are Brave Space's current community events and projects. Interested in partnering with Brave Space? Please contact Cameron to discuss your idea - click here for Cameron's information. Want to support our work? Please consider donating - click here to learn more.

Hair Removal Advocacy

Since 2015, Oregon has faced significant barriers in covering hair removal for pre-surgical sites as well as fiacl hair removal. Now, while OHP covers pre-surgical electrolysis, we have a critical shortage of providers, especially those who accept OHP. Brave Space is collaborating with Oregon Trans Health Coalition, PulseTherm LLC, and the HealthShare Transgender Work Group to address the multiple barriers to care.

HealthShare Transgender Work Group

Brave Space was a key player in forming the HealthShare Transgender Work Group, a collective of OHP insurance partners and community providers who are advising HealthShare on key items to improve healthcare workflows and parity between insurers.  Key items are: parity between hormone formularies so that all health plans offer coverage for a range of hormone and pubertal suppression treatments; improving member assistance and coordination for trangender care; addressing the barriers for electrolysis; streamlining billing and contracting for letters of support for surgeries; and exploring full coverage of facial feminization procedures (FFS).

Have important feedback about care within HealthShare?  Contact Kate Kauffman

Trans & Nonbinary Business Directory

For Trans Day of Visibility 2021, the Resiliency Project launchd an Oregon-based Trans & Nonbinary Business Directory. The intention of this directory is to increase visibility and promote financial support for transgender- and nonbinary-owned businesses in Oregon. Find the directory here!

Microgrant Fund

In December 2020, we launched our Microgrant Fund. The Microgrant Fund offers individuals in the trans and nonbinary community $250 each month to use on anything that improves their wellbeing. Anyone in the trans and nonbinary community may apply. Learn more at our Microgrants page or donate to the fund here!

Resiliency Project Fundraiser

The Resiliency Project is fundraising to sustain our Microgrant Fund, provide more resources at our Free Store, and prepare for future community events! Brave Space needs committed monthly donors who can give $20, $50, $100, or any amount each month to keep our project alive.  Want to support our efforts? Check out our Givebutter page! All you need is a few minutes and a credit or debit card, a Paypal, or a Venmo. 

Clothing Collection

The Clothing Collection has reopened as a Free Store! Please visit the Clothing Collection page here for more information!

The Clothing Collection is a free collection of clothes, accessories, cosmetics, hygiene items, and pet supplies (cat food, dog food, litter) offered to the trans & nonbinary community. This collection is supplied entirely by donations and organized by Brave Space. Anyone in the trans & nonbinary community can access the Clothing Collection.

Link to most recent Free Store Facebook event 

Panel Discussion: Gender Diversity and Identity in Queertopia

Brave Space and Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) are partnering for a panel discussion of the documentary "Gender diversity & identity in Queertopia"! This 50-minute documentary offers insight into diverse experiences of gender identity and expression within the transgender, nonbinary, & intersex communities. Health & wellness providers are invited to join a discussion of the documentary led by local providers who serve the trans and nonbinary community. 

Link to Facebook event

Trans Houseless Community Brunch

ON HIATUS - Each month, Brave Space assembles clothes from our Clothing Collection to donate to the Trans Houseless Community Brunch, organized by the PDX Trans Housing Coalition and Greater Portland Trans Unity. We provide clothes for every size we have available, as well as shoes and accessories (including binders). Most recently, we were able to offer new underwear and socks, pronoun pins, and hand sanitizer. If you would like to help us continue to offer these items, please consider donating funds or contact Cameron to donate new, unopened items.

Link to monthly Facebook event

Organizational Consultation: Create your Brave Space

Brave Space provides organizational consultation and leadership development for professionals. Brave Space can help you develop "Emergent Strategy" informed organizational cultures [credit: adrienne maree brown]; build teams that support non-dominant clinicians and develop practices for "healing at work"; build infrastructure to pursue a COA with OHA for mental health agencies; assess and audit internal policies, practices, and paperwork for OHP compliance; navigate insurance contracting; and train staff in gender-informed care.


Want to learn more? Download the Brave Space Consulting Contract

Want to get started?  Contact Kate Kauffman

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